August 19, 2022 is the official start of Abitos!

You don't become a real estate agent overnight. First you have to complete an internship (including a written and oral exam). In July 2022 I received my official recognition as a BIV real estate agent, an important milestone to be able to start an independent real estate agency.

As an atypical real estate agent, we wish to make a difference. How? We want to do something for the homeless in our society. Real estate transactions are mostly about buying or renting a home, but what about those who cannot afford a roof over their heads? We want to do our bit by donating part of our profits to a good cause (Huize Triest).

I myself have been active in the private sector for almost 30 years, where customer service has been a constant theme of my career. Caring for customers is deep in my DNA and together with our office I want to propagate this within the real estate world. Driven by a passion to do things differently, we start this challenge to put ourselves on the map within the region of East Flanders.

Choosing Abitos as a real estate agent is choosing for correct communication, personal service, transparency during the entire process and a contribution to a community that does not have the necessary resources.

Jan Claeyssens

Jan Claeyssens